Saturday, July 9, 2011

What we've been up to...

Here's a quick update on what we've been up to. (I'll post pictures later when I can get to my camera)

*June 24-26: We spent the weekend in Ellensburg, just relaxing. It was a beautiful weekend and we spent a lot of time outside. I have a bunch of pictures from this weekend so I'll post those later.

*July 1-5: We spent the weekend up at Chris's grandma's cabin on Hood Canal. I'm always in awe of the beauty of the cabin every time we go up there. Our friends, Josh and Emily, came up with us. It was a great weekend and really relaxing. Chris brought his dingy and bought a crab pot. Over the weekend, we caught 55ish crab between our pot and Chris's dad's three pots. It was a long process to cut all of them but we ate a lot and gave the rest away. I ate enough to not be sick of it! I usually binge until I can't stand them any more and then I'm disappointed the rest of the summer.

*Today (July 9th): Carver got a zoo pass for his birthday from Chris's parents. We didn't have anything planned for today (surprise!) and it was a bright sunshine-y day (that's what we say to Carver haha) so we decided to go to the zoo! Carver picked the sharks to see first (can you tell he's his father's son?!?) He was in complete awe of all the animals. Since we went in the morning, we beat the rush and it wasn't too busy. I got a couple good pictures while we were there but not many of Carver. :( He was just having too good of a time for me to be behind the lens.

I've finally made a decision that will, hopefully, help our family and give me a little crafting money. A friend and I are going to start doing the Port Orchard Farmers Market!!! She's thinking about starting this next weekend (We have a wedding in Spokane) and my start date will be the next weekend, the 23rd. If you're in the Port Orchard area, come check us out!!! I'll be selling cards that I make (named: A Caffeinated Crafter) and my friend, Marita, will be selling some awesome hair bows (named: 29:11). I'm not expecting to make a bunch of money but anything I get will help me continue my 'hobby'. :) haha

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  1. We have a zoo pass too, we should meet up with you guys sometime. Pt defiance right?



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