Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Recap on last weekend

Ok, so here's a recap of what happened around our house this weekend.

*We met my mom, her boyfriend, and my Gramma at Home Depot to lend them our dump truck to take a pallet of pavers to my Gramma's house.
*Daddy and monkey got to spend a lot of time outside working on the garden. It was actually nice out, for WA.
*I made 7 projects for the day! Yay me! It was a lot of fun and I'm glad NSD fell on a weekend this year. Head over to my crafting blog to see everything I made.

*Mothers Day AND my 26th birthday!!!
*My mom and her boyfriend came up from my Gramma's and we all went to church.
*Then we had a BBQ with hubby's family (they all live here) and my Mom and her boyfriend. One of my brother's lives in CO and the other was a camp counselor for an 8th grade honors camp (they both called me though).
*I got some great gifts! :) aka Ergo Baby carrier, lemonade holder thing (it'll be perfect for monkey's bday party next month), lots of flowers and gift cards.

So all in all, the weekend was a success. My dear husband went above and beyond on all the planning and thoughtfulness. I usually set myself up for disappointment on my birthday but I was never once remotely disappointed.

Thanks for letting me ramble! :)

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