Monday, October 25, 2010

We've gone Green!!!

We've been talking about getting an SUV for about a year now. We'd narrowed it down to the Toyota Highlander. It has the 3rd row and all the space we need. Well on Saturday, we were out and about and decided, sine we had the truck, we'd go look at the Highlander and just make sure that it's the car we want. We even went to a dealer that we KNEW we weren't going to buy from. Toyota is having a 60month with ZERO PERCENT financing!!!! So we called the dealer we were going to buy from and talked to the guy we bought my Jetta from. He ran some numbers and we kept going back and forth. Sunday, we decided to go into the dealer and see what 2010s they had left since that's what the sale was on. Well...

WE BOUGHT IT!!!!! We got a 2010 Toyota Hylander Hybrid!!!
We originally wanted the Limited Edition since it had all the extras we wanted but we ended up paying to get the leather heated seats for a fraction of the price that it would've been to upgrade to the limited.

So Chris and Carver ran home in the truck while I finished signing papers and came back with the car. It'll have to go to the shop for about 3 days to get the seats done but they'll give me a rental car. I LOVE MY CAR!!!!!


  1. Oh, Tana! That is so exciting! I know you'll enjoy it but...have fun!

  2. It is beautiful!! I am jealous. Woohoo!!



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