Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Every year we spend Labor Day weekend in Ellensburg. There's the annual fair and rodeo and it just happens to be Chris's birthday weekend.

Here's some pictures of the puppies. Six of the ten went to new homes that weekend. They were almost 7 weeks old and Carver loved them! haha

Saturday morning there's a parade and we couldn't wait to take Carver. It was pretty windy and cold (the forecast was for the upper 70s. BOO!!!) but we bundled up and headed into town.

Walking like a big boy across the street!

Main Street USA... aka Pearl St. Ellensburg

Waiting for the parade to start

The start of the parade

The Clydesdales

Bagpipers. Chris and I were waiting for their kilts to fly up haha It was THAT windy. surprise surprise. It IS Ellensburg you know.

With all the stimulation, Carver sacked out. haha

We had to get a picture with Sarah (Jake's girlfriend). She left two days later to spend 3 months in KENYA!!! She's on a mission and could definitely use prayers for the group and the people they are ministering to.

(Jake, Sarah, Me and Carver)

We went down to Yakima for Chris's birthday and went to Olive Garden. It's only our FAVORITE restaurant and we met Chris's sister, Heather, there.

Over the course of the weekend, my mom made about 150 baked potatoes for the Young Life potato booth. These weren't just ordinary russet potatoes you buy at the store. They are HUGE. Young Life also has the only espresso booth at the fair so you can imagine with the colder weather, we were pretty busy. Chris, Carver and I went to the fair two different times. And now, I'm fair-ed out until next year. :) Unless I cave in and go to the Puyallup fair for more of those amazing fair scones. mmmmm.... ;)

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