Saturday, June 19, 2010

365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months...

... ONE YEAR!!!!! I can't believe that a year has passed already! I'll probably say this every year but it seems like Carver was just born. So much has gone on in the last year. We're having his birthday party today with a bunch of friends and family. Here's some stats since last month.

  • He can officially stand for about 2 seconds before he sinks to the floor.
  • He LOVES pickles and as of last night, lemons! He just nommed it down like it was nothing.
  • He loves to pick up his toys and put them in their basket. We just start singing the clean up song and he knows what to do.
  • He's slowly starting to grow out of 6mo clothes (i know!) and is still comfortably in size 1 diapers.
  • We've added pears to the diet and will be adding peaches once the party's over. Mama just had a little too much going on to add another fruit lately.
  • He'll point out the window and say baa when we ask him where the birds are.
  • We have his big boy carseat but are waiting until after tuesday's doctor appt to see if we'll put it rear facing or forward facing (depends on how much he weighs)
  • He has a new love obsession for his cousin Alea (and Tyler too). He followed her all around the house last night. And at dinner would grab her hand and kiss it. awww!!!! such a gentleman.
  • He loves being outside with daddy. Doesn't matter what they do as long as they're together.
That's all I can think of right now. I'll try to update pictures so that ya'll will see the party pictures tomorrow.

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