Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy 3 month birthday Carver!!!

Can't believe that it's already been three months (as of yesterday)! He's growing so fast! He's 13 weeks old and we had a doctor appointment on Friday to check his weight. He weighs 9lb 11oz and is 24 inches long. That's a progress of 8oz and .75in from last month. He's still on the small side of the charts but seeing as how I'm pretty small (haha) the doctor just wants to keep an eye on his growth. He's grown just enough to start growing out of his clothes that have feet on them. It's getting hard for him to straighten his legs out. haha

I'll try to upload some pictures later today or tomorrow. He's continually changing and growing (sad!). He's definitely not the same baby that we brought home from the hospital. I was telling Chris earlier today (while I was nursing) that Carver's feet used to end on my side while he was nursing... not its his hips that are at the end of my body while he's stretched out chowing away.

I wish I had a video camera so that I could record Carver talking for you guys. Its the cutest thing ever! He actually talks back to you!

Well that's enough rambling for now. If I left something out or you have a question/comment, just leave a comment at the end of the post. :)

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