Saturday, July 20, 2013

Induction Day Part 2

I figured I should finish my story... almost three weeks later :)

I left you while we were waiting for the Pitocin to come and get hooked up to my IV. So here's what happened...

I got the Pitocin going at 10:30am and started having more contractions. I still wasn't feeling most of them but moved from 3cm to 4cm relatively quick so we were moved into a labor/delivery room from triage. Things progressed smoothly and I started feeling contractions more intensely.

We got the epidural ordered around 2:30pm and was trying to get McKay to roll to the correct position (her back was in my side so she was still in my back). I got the epidural and felt so much better! I was sitting pretty sweet. My cousin, Allix, came by to check on me and brought yummy cupcakes with her. :) Both of our moms and Carver were in the waiting room.

They had my on my side to try to get her to roll and things were going great while I was on my right side. Then they had my roll to my left side and I started feeling my contractions again. It got to the point where the pain was back to where it was before my epidural and we discussed having the anesthesiologist come back in for another push of meds. Then I had the great idea to see if just pushing the button hooked up to my IV would be enough. You can push it every 6min so I was doing about every 10min. I still wanted to feel the pressure to push but not wanting the pain.

My doctor had my labor at a 9-10cm for longer than normal to try to get her to move. No such luck. So we decided to use the vacuum and I did one push with that and she was out! I had a 'skid mark' that warranted one stitch so I was happy about that. :)

They put her on my belly and all was right with the world. She was born at 6:30pm and she weighed 6lb 12.2oz and was 18in long. Such a tiny little thing. We were all surprised at how small she was!!! She got two 9's for her apgar and her head was 14cm. She may be small but her head was normal size. haha

Chris went out and brought Carver in to meet his sister. We wanted him to be the first one to meet McKay. He was in awe of her! He just kept staring at  her and smiling. He was a little apprehensive of all the stuff hooked up to me. Then our moms came in and the pictures started. :)

I was supposed to get up and go to  the  bathroom so that they could move us down to recovery but because I'd pushed my happy button (read: epidural button) so many times, my legs were jelly. I just sank back down onto the bed. haha So that was off the table. They emptied my bladder and moved us downstairs. That's when everyone headed home and we got settled in.

McKay decided she didn't like the crib and wanted to be held all night. I'd hold her until I'd start to doze and then she'd go back into the crib for however long she'd sleep. Then it was back snuggling with me. She still sleeps the best when she's right next to me so we've kind of been co-sleeping.

Chris told the nurses that he had to work at 3pm the next day and asked if we could be discharged early. He  gets a little antsy. So they got us out of there around noon and we came home. I was feeling pretty good except for  the worst hemorrhoids I've ever had.

Oh, the  lactation consultant said that she  might be a little tongue tied and that could be why it was hurting a little to nurse. She offered to help but I wanted t figure it out on my own.

We got home and Carver held her for the next 30min. He loves her so much!!

I'll get some pictures up and update on the first three weeks later. Gotta nurse! :)

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