Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Day of Preschool!

Carver started Preschool today! All last week he was saying he didn't want to go but he woke up this morning soooo excited to get to the school!!! 

Quick picture with Chris before he had to go to work. Chris was able to stop by the school for drop off so he got to see Carver again before school started. Notice the baby pictures on the way. He's growing up WAY too fast.
 Carver and I had the same idea :)
 Breakfast #1. I told Carver we could go to Starbucks for breakfast before school. However... I took a load of stuff to the car before we left and got locked out of the house!! Carver was with me so don't worry. But my phone and keys were all in the house. So we ran around to the back door to find out it was locked too. I tried to leverage it open (it's like a school bus window) but that didn't work. So I took a trusty hammer and smashed in the window. I have to say, it felt kind of good, but then I had to clean up the mess and call Chris to let him know. Anyways, with all that, we only had time to run into Starbucks, get my coffee and Carver's bagel and run back out. He ate some of it in the car on the way. That actually worked out pretty good. I stuck the cream cheese in the fridge at the church (I had MOMS group) and Carver was able to eat the rest on the way home after school.
 Is it time yet?

 Check out my backpack! He wouldn't take it off.
 Checking out the sign.
 Handsome boy
 The deer had to get in there too

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  1. First day of school is a big step for someone wearing such little boots. Carver is showing how well he is responding! Congrats on his first day!



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