Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

We spent Memorial Day weekend at Wildhorse Canyon (now called Washington Family Ranch) for Family Camp. It was a GREAT weekend and we didn't want to leave! Chris had never been to a Young Life camp so it refreshing to see camp through his eyes since I've been to WHC about 20 million times (literally). It was a great change of pace to not have cell reception or internet access. I actually had a quiet time while the boys napped every day!

So in all, it was GREAT! (getting sick of that word? haha)

watching daddy go down the zip line

playing in the pool

my heart

Watching daddy on the Screamer

At the top!

LOVE mom's face!

The whole camp

awww how cute!

Showing off his new YL shirt

The best family picture we got. Carver didn't want to smile

The county fair on the last night (why we're dressed up in western wear)
nom nom popocorn

I was a half second late on catching Sarah's flash

The one game that Carver 'played'

I strongly recommend family camp to everyone and I think that our friends, Marita and Shaun, will go with us next year! Yay!

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