Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm Sorry!!! {long post}

I can't believe it's been this long since I've posted!!!! Life has kind of gotten in the way and, frankly, it's easier to post to my crafting blog because it's simple. There just hasn't been much 'blog-worthy' things to post about. So I'm going to try to catch you up on what we've been up to, as well as do Carver's 22mo post, all in one. So hang onto your seat because it's going to be a ride!

Carver's 22mo post:
  • Not much has changed from his 21.5mo post.
  • Clothes - 12-18mo. He's just now starting to be too tall for his 12-18mo pants
  • Shoes - size 6
  • Hats - 2T :( He's outgrowing all of his 18-24mo hats
  • Diapers - 3... 4... He's starting to pee through his 3s at night so I've finally agreed with Chris that we need to move up to 4s for overnight. This is the HARDEST thing for me. I fight it until I'm sick of changing his sheets Then I wrap my head around it and force myself to get that next size. Don't ask why it's so hard. I don't know.
  • He takes one nap a day, usually around 11:30 or after lunch (lunch is usually around 11am) and he's typically down for 1-1.5hrs. Sometimes if he's had a busy morning he'll be down for 2hrs. I won't let him go longer than that because then he won't go to sleep at night. Believe me, I let him sleep 3hrs one day and he didn't go to sleep until 10pm.
  • He loves playing with his friends at church and MOMS group. Some of them include: Sadie (aka best friend), Tanner, Emma, Coco, Cece... to name a few
  • I held a new baby last weekend and Carver did not like it! It was very interesting. He just snuggled into Chris and wouldn't look at me.
  • Favorite foods - Mickey nuggets, pb&j, oatmeal, blueberry eggos, pizza, peas, broccoli...
Welcome Baby Tinley Ann!!!
My good friend, Staci, gave birth to her second daughter on April 16th. Her daughter, Sadie, is 3mo younger than Carver. We brought them dinner the day they came home so the didn't have to worry about making food. And it was a great excuse to meet little Tinley! She is so tiny (7lb 1oz) and it was crazy to go from holding Carver to holding her. Congrats Scott and Staci!!! She's beautiful!

Babies Galore!!!
Last week at MOMS group a couple moms announced that they were pregnant! Rachel is due Nov 19th, Erica is due Nov 14th, I don't know Angie's due date and then yesterday Marita told me she's pregnant! She's due Dec 8th. There must be something in the water. haha No, I'm not pregnant... yet. We will probably start trying sometime this summer. I won't be talking about actually trying on here because I don't want people to keep asking me, "So are you pregnant yet?" But I'll definitely be posting when I find out I'm pregnant. :)

Another kind of baby
My mom's dog, Maggie, had a litter of puppies on April 1st (haha - Not an April Fools joke). Carver LOVES them!!! We see a puppy or two every time we skype with mom. There were 5 yellows and 3 blacks and only 2 girls!

Bible Study
I've started a bible study with my friends Marita and Heidi. We're doing Beth Moore's The Inheritance. It's an amazing study (we're only 2 weeks into it) and I love that there's no homework!!! I'd recommend it to anyone! It's been great getting back into the Word and feeding my soul. It's definitely been way too long.

Easter is this weekend. It seems to have snuck up on me this year. Thankfully I've been accumulating small gifts for Carver's Easter basket for the last couple months. He's getting Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers DVD and Duck Tales DVD (both from Costco for $10 or some crazy deal like that; they both have 27 episodes), some gardening gloves and tools, and a little Cat Bulldozer to go with his dump truck, front loader and steam roller. I don't even think I'm going to wrap them. :)

Birthday Plans
We're going to try to have Carver's birthday outside again this year. Hopefully since his party isn't on his actual birthday, it won't rain. It rained the day he was born and again last year on his birthday. We'll see. We're going to do a construction theme. :) Lots of brown and yellow and safety cones. We're going to park our dump truck at one end of the lawn with the dingo and an excavator (If I can talk Chris into renting/borrowing one for the day haha) I'm going to keep it really simple and just need to buy the paper products and favors for the kids. We're getting hard hats for all the kids with some other fun toys. How much fun will it be to see all these kids running around with hard hats. haha

Oh wait! I have a birthday too!
This year, my birthday is on Mother's day. I don't usually do anything for my birthday because I always set myself up for disappointment. Well this year, I wanted to do something. But who wants to spend time with me when it's Mother's day and they'll want to spend time with their moms? So we decided to have a BBQ and whoever comes, comes. It'll probably just be us and Kim and Greg but oh well. We'll have a little cake since Tyler's 1st birthday is on the 10th (mine is the 8th) and call it good.... well as good as it can get. It'll be interesting to see what Chris comes up with this year. I haven't told him anything that I want so I have no idea what he's going to get me.

To recap, our 1st Anniversary/bday/Mothers day I got my Nikon D60. Last year for Anniv/bday/Mothers day I got an iFlip camcorder. I thought I'd use it a bunch, and I would, except we found out I don't have editing software so all my videos are sideways. So I need to research software and see what I need and then I'll be in business! I am always hoping for 3 different gifts but let's face it, Chris is a man and they don't think of details like separating the days into their own gift.

Ok, Carver's telling me to get off the computer so I better go. This was a pretty good catch up but I'll probably think of something else as soon as I click publish.

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