Monday, March 8, 2010


Carver finally cut his first tooth last night! It's been a long time coming -- ok, like 3 months. He's got probably 3-4 more bumps in his mouth and one looks like it'll pop through in the next day or so. The one that popped through is one of his front bottom.

he felt really good all day today (he spent a couple hours with Grandma Debbie while I had my nail appt) but around 3pm when Chris took him swimming he started getting fussy. He's been snuggly and fussy for the rest of the day. So we're most likely in for another long night :(

Here's some other updates:
*We started sweet potatoes tonight. He didn't seem to care that it was something different. He just likes eating. haha

*He seems to think it's funny to roll over while being changed. It creates a challenge to get his diaper on.

*Speaking of diapers, he's still very comfortably in size 1.

*He's officially crawling... no more army crawling for this baby!

*Separation anxiety has come in full force now. If Chris or I even walk away from him he lets us have it. Even if he can crawl after us.

*Chris took Carver to see the Chimps at CWU last weekend. Carver LOVED it!!!! He was spitting at the chimps through the glass. haha

That's about it for now.

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