Friday, January 15, 2010

We're still alive!!!

I didn't realize it's been this long since I updated everyone. Sorry! Here's what we've been up to...

Chris woke up one morning wanting a project so he suggested that he paint the laundry room and redo the floor to finish that room off. All fine and dandy. So we pick out the color (Red! with one white wall and white shelves) and we picked out the laminate flooring that we wanted for the whole house. Well when Chris started to lay the flooring down, he realized that he needed to start from the hall into the laundry room instead of the outside door towards the hall. That means that we had to do the flooring in the whole house in order to finish the laundry room. So we picked out paint colors for the whole house (blue and tan, with the kitchen being tan with black cabinet doors). Our original color looked like crap (camel color) so we had to go back. Our house was TORN UP! for what seems like forever! Its still not done but we're down to the final details. The laundry room, hall bath, hall, office, scrapbook room and entryway are DONE! Chris needed to do some work under the kitchen sink and found out that the sink was rusting (ick) so we got a new sink a couple days ago. It seems like something new always keeps popping up that needs to get done. We went from such a small project (the laundry room) to redoing our whole house! But its going to look amazing once it's done. :)

Carver is officially saying 'mama'! And it's hilarious when he's fussing and he's saying "mamamamamamama". We can't help but laugh. :) He's loving his cereal. He usually eats about 1/2 cup (I make 1 cup at a time) but yesterday he ate 1.5cups! Such a hungry boy! Its definitely not as messy as it was in the beginning but we still strip him down just to be safe.

As for me, I've decided that I needed a project so I'm hosting BOTH Kim and Ayami's baby showers... and they're a week apart! Thankfully their themes are similar (Blue/Brown for Kim and Pink/Brown for Ayami) so that simplifies things. I'm also making the invites and just changing blue for pink.

So we've been quite busy. Hopefully now that things are winding down I'll be able to update more often.

"I love you" -- Carver

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